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A Million For The Shluchim's Children

Thousands of children of shluchim across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office. Many of them are in far off and remote towns, with no friends like themselves.

Today we are embarking on a far-reaching and ambitious goal, to raise 1 million dollars in just 24 hours, to help thousands of shluchim fulfill their shlichus and bring education, joy and happiness to their children.

A Million Miles

Nigri Online School for Shluchim

Every day, 923 students telecommute a million miles, crisscrossing sixteen time-zones to learn online with a Chassidishe teacher and classmates from around the world.

New With your help we will:

  • Expand classes in five additional time zones
  • Enhance European and Asian tracks
  • Add new regional liaisons
  • Upgrade and improve our online classrooms
  • Develop and implement asynchronous learning system
Nigri Online School Data

A Million Smiles

Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim

Children on Shlichus crave shared meaningful experiences through which lifelong friendships are forged.

New With your help we will:

  • Expand Hebrew-speaking divisions
  • Launch Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese divisions
  • Underwrite additional travel expenses for young shluchim from families in need
Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim Data

A Million Moments

Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camps

For a family on Shlichus, winter break is a prized window of time in which to immerse in a Chassidishe environment, see friends face-to face and gather strength for the mission ahead.

New With your help we will:

  • Provide 40 additional scholarships
  • Open satellite programs in Europe and Asia
  • Invest in grounds landscaping
  • Launch specialized online camp reunions
Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camps Data

A Million Connections

The Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim

International internet rallies and personal birthday package delivered just in time, Connecting Yaldei Hashluchim provides more than just filling the gaps between seasonal programs. It’s a year-round inspiration and proves to be a lifeline for the Rebbe’s children.

New With your help we will:

  • Double our current annual online Farbrengens
  • Enhance young shluchim communications
  • Expand enrollment by 30%
Connecting Yaldei Hashluchim Data

Projected Budget 2015-2016

Infographics Nigri Online School
Infographics Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim
Infographics Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camps
Infographics Connecting Yaldei Hashluchim
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Tuition, fees and scholarship cover just 48% of our projected annual budget. The rest comes from donations and dedications by generous individuals who are passionate about our mission.

With your kindness, we can expand even more. We turn to you to ensure that those who go to the end of the world for others remain close to our hearts too.


Today we are embarking on a far-reaching and ambitious goal, to raise 1 Million dollars in just 24 hours.

This will help thousands of shluchim fulfill their shlichus and bring education, joy and happiness to their children.


For these 24 hours only, every dollar you donate will be QUADRUPLED!

It’s all-or-nothing!

If we don’t reach one million dollars, all donations will be returned!

every dollar you donate will be QUADRUPLED

Following the request for the establishment of The Shluchim Office, the Rebbe said:

“Through this you will have success in your personal matters; children, health and livelihood, with abundance in all of them. Healthy children, and healthy grandchildren, and to make good shidduchim, and be blessed with all blessings.”
Farbrengen, Mevorchim HaChodesh Kislev, 5747
"און דורך דעם וואס מ'וועט טאן בזה באופן האמור - וועט מען צום אלעם ערשטן מצליח זיין אין קיום השליחות, און מיט א הצלחה למעלה מן המשוער. און דערצו וועט מען אויך האבן הצלחה אין די אייגענע ענינים - בבני חיי ומזוני רויחי ובכולם רויחי - געזונטער קינדער, און געזונטער אייניקלאך, און מאכן גוטע שידוכים, און זיין געבענטשט מיט אלע ברכות." משיחת כ"ז מרחשון, מבה"ח כסלו, ה'תשמ"ז

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“I don't know if we can properly express to you our feelings of being able to keep our children home and, at the same time, for them to receive the proper chinuch.” - Rivkie Kahanov, Jacksonville, FL

“I have seen our children’s self-esteem grow as they revel in the social paradise that they get just by attending the Online School class.” - Esther Wilhelm, Oslo, Norway

“When the Shluchim Online School started it was a dream for us. Our oldest daughter joined a class immediately and life has absolutely never been the same. Her social life started to blossom as her knowledge and general menuchas hanefesh grew.” - Anonymous

“You made each class and each child feel so special. It was a very complete education, far surpassing what we could have done, and beyond what we even expected the Online School would be able to do.” - Sarah Freedman, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

“Three cheers for The Shluchim Office and the Online School! What can I say - when you do something, you do it 100%!” - Sarah Chanah Sufrin, Brisbane, Australia

“In the four years our child was in the Online School, we have ALWAYS had dedicated, caring teachers who transport our children every day to a warm oasis of chassidishkeit and emise yiddishe chinuch.” - Esther Wilhelm, Oslo, Norway

A Million Thanks!